We code the "impossible" from low-code to full-stack applications.



If you can dream it, we can build it. Neoteric’s proven software development delivery model carries your vision into the future. Software built with quality and scalability to adapt to every business need. The outcome: real solutions, delivered.


We stay at the leading edge of programming languages, frameworks, methodologies, and most importantly, strategy. We help our clients evaluate between low-code and full-stack options and when it makes financial and technical sense to adopt the expensive buzzwords and when it does not.

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We partner with elite global technology leaders in cloud, cyber, and software development. Our strategic partners appreciate Neoteric’s record of excellence and mission to provide game changing outcomes to our customers.


We greatly value our partnerships – and we look forward to continuing to grow our strategic partner portfolio with best-in-class technology leaders.

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Hashicorp partner

Custom Build ServiceNow Applications 

Neoteric technical consultants provide unmatched and diverse expertise and certifications in a wide range of solutions in Commercial, Enterprise, and US Federal landscapes.

Application Supporting Operation Orders

This application was developed by Neoteric using ServiceNow AppEngine. This new mission capability gives users the tools needed to plan, execute, and report on an operation.

Mapping and Location Solution

This Law Enforcement solution, built using ServiceNow AppEngine, provides users with the ability to view, add, modify, and deactivate features through a dynamic mapping capability and digital change request portal with online approvals. The consolidated database serves as the source of truth, allowing operators to link user activity, and modify features and capabilities at any time. This allows the solution and the integrated legacy systems to pull the most up to date information.

Case Management System

A case management system that electronically records claims of employee misconduct, manages criminal and administrative investigations, and tracks employee and contractor disciplinary actions.

Configuration Management Database

Neoteric completed an end-to-end implementation and delivery of a CMDB framework, enhanced CMDB for enterprise-wide config and awareness, established a consistent methodology for CMDB/CSDM (Common Service Data Model), and implemented a secure discovery framework.

We code the "impossible" while also providing simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive products.