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Neoteric Technologies Announces HashiCorp Partnership

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Partnership accelerates Cloud, Cyber and IT outcomes for Public and Private sector customers with next generation cloud provisioning and data protection.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Neoteric Technologies has announced a strategic partnership with HashiCorp, a leader in multi-cloud automation and security software. With this partnership, Neoteric Technologies and HashiCorp will help Public and Private Sector customers innovate as they manage complex multi-cloud environments and deliver results on their IT modernization journey.

“We’re both proud and excited to partner with HashiCorp to drive cloud and cyber transformation for our customers,” said Dustin Holst, President and CEO at Neoteric Technologies. “We are witnessing significant growth in demand for Cloud and Cyber modernization solutions across Public and Private sectors, and partnering with HashiCorp, one of the best next-generation technology companies in the industry, will help us expand our leadership position in this critical growth area."

Neoteric Technologies customers are already integrating HashiCorp solutions into current cloud deployments with automated infrastructure provisioning and delivering unique data protection capabilities through industry leading products: HashiCorp Terraform and HashiCorp Vault. The new partnership will empower Neoteric Technologies architects and engineers with additional expertise in these and other products, and enables the company to work directly with HashiCorp on joint customer engagements.

“We are pleased to welcome Neoteric Technologies to the HashiCorp Partner Network. We look forward to supporting our joint Public and Private sector customers with infrastructure as code and secrets management, enabling them to automate and accelerate application delivery in the cloud,” said Dan Goslee, Vice President, US Public Sector at HashiCorp.

About Neoteric Technologies

Founded in 2020, Neoteric Technologies is a Veteran Owned technology solutions provider that serves the Public and Private Sectors with product and solution evaluation, architecture design, product and subscription fulfillment, consulting and implementation services. We partner with elite global technology leaders in cloud, cyber, and software development providing multi-vendor, architectural independent solutions that are specific to each unique customer need. Our labs, consisting of both physical and cloud based solutions, are an ecosystem for our customers, partners and employees to accomplish innovation at speed by collaboration, best-in-class technologies, and where concepts become outcomes.

Contact information

Dustin Holst

President & CEO

o: (202) 729-2232


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