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Large Retail Company
Past Performance Review

The organization was depending on technology to deliver mission critical services however, often faced service outages and a lack of reliability. Infrastructure monitoring was too disconnected, and there is was clear view of the service health. This resulted in service outages that took too long to fix, and many services issues going undetected. Neoteric Technologies worked closely with ServiceNow and the customer to integrate several monitoring tools that enabled the customer to gain insight into the health of their services.


Noise Reduction


Collect raw events and process them to identify more qualified alerts

Root Cause Insights


Rank service issues with automated root cause analysis and speed up issue resolution

Automated Remediation

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Automated alert responses based on specific criteria and resolve service issues faster

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Key Features Needed 


Highly Configurable for Future Needs

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Service Aware


Executive & Service Level Dashboard

Solutions Needed

  • Report on the health of IT infrastructure and systems

  • Reduce event noise with insights and clarity

  • Proactively identify issues before they happen

  • Take action to reduce impact to end users

  • Integration with twelve external monitoring tools

  • Gained insights into applications using ServiceNow Service Mapping


The Neoteric Solution

Drawing off lessons learned during similar deployments, Neoteric began developing an enhanced Configuration Management Database (CMBD) that would track configurable items within the company's technical assets and across IT systems. It was imperative that Neoteric fully grasped all current processes in order to successfully reduce event noise while increasing the ability to identify issues before they happened. This required technical integration with twelve external monitoring tools and had to remain highly configurable for the future successes of the program.


Key Features Delivered

  • ServiceNow ITOM Event Management and Service Mapping

  • Lead implementation organizational wide across twelve teams

  • Enhanced CMDB using Application Discovery

Key Outcomes

  • Ability to Ingest events from multiple monitoring tools

  • Consolidate events from different sources

  • Filter incoming events to reduce noise and generate qualified alerts

  • Service impact analysis

  • Service availability dashboard for understanding service health

  • Workflow automation for automated task routing

  • Troubleshoot capabilities utilizing event and performance data

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