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Government Agency 
Past Performance Review

As is common with other organizations, this government agency relied on outdated methods and siloed technologies to share data and facilitate events. Neoteric Technologies, in close partnership with leading SaaS platform ServiceNow and the customer, determined that the organization must implement a modern, enterprise-wide tool to streamline and advance the intake, tracking and tasking of  admin-based requests for both structured and unstructured actions.




All tasks were tracked through multiple email accounts and distrobution lists

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Support was using different tools for different teams


Lack of Visible Data

Resulting in a lack of project tracking and clear understanding of completed tasks


A robust and intuitive online application that improves efficiency and timeliness of task approvals.

The Neoteric solution provides transparency, consistency, accountability and process optimization for tracking, managing and reporting for both structured and unstructured actions.

Key Features Needed 


Executive & Report Level Dashboard


Easy to


Easily configurable for future needs

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The Neoteric Solution

About Me

Drawing off lessons learned during the workshop phase, Neoteric began developing a custom scoped low-code/no-code application through AppEngine, which is a specific product under the umbrella of the ServiceNow Platform. During the process of creating a custom scoped app in this manner, it was imperative that Neoteric fully grasped all current state processes as there was nothing ‘out of the box’ from ServiceNow that met the need specifically. From start to finish, Neoteric delivered the Mission Support Concurrence & Action Tracker scoped application in three months.


Key Features Delivered

  • Enterprise ITSM, ITOM, and ServiceNow Studio

  • Lead migration from Remedy to ServiceNow

  • Built the enterprise CMDB

  • Lead developers for multiple mission low code Application

Key Outcomes

  • Track and manage requests more efficiently and ability to ingest new requirements at the speed of the mission

  • Custom reporting, automated emails, standardized processes, easily accessible audit trails

  • Increased speed and agility of task assignment and completion

  • Ability to use accurate historical data and analytics for future mission SLA improvements

  • Easy to use and design

  • Executive and report level dashboards

  • Easily configurable for future needs, including mobile support

  • Proper alignment of existing people, processes, and best of breed technology

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