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Modernize IT ops with visibility, insights, and intelligent remediation. Identify and solve issues before they occur with cross-team automation workflows.

The Challenges

Many organizations are struggling with outages and slow services that take hours to fix and lead to financial losses, damaged customer confidence and potential damage to the brand.


Inconsistent, incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date data.

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Business Context

Lack of business context with limited or out-of-date service maps.


Predictive AIOps

Slow services, outages, hours and days to identify and fix incidents.

Cloud governance.png

Cloud Governance

Inconsistent cloud migration, tagging and governance practices.

Tag Governance.png

Tag Governance

Ease of deployment of cloud services across teams causes inconsistency.

Mulitsource configuration.png

Multi-Source Configuration

IT teams have different sources of data with disparate naming conventions.

The Neoteric 

Our commitment and dedication to building world-class IT Operations Management development and delivery teams starts with your business challenge and we have the track record to prove it.

Our Solution Provides



Get a holistic view of your operations footprint across on-premises data center and cloud.

Event Management.png

Event Management

Reduce event floods from monitoring tools and gain insight into business service health.

Mulitsource configuration.png

Configuration Management Database

Track the dependencies and relationships of supported IT services to maintain continuity.


Firewall Audits & Reporting

Track firewall policies, monitor ownership, and perform proactive audits

Certificate Management.png

Certificate Management

Discover, itemize and proactively manage your TLS certificates.

Service Graph Connectors.png

Service Graph Connectors

Use certified integration partners to keep third-party data consistent.

Service Mapping.png

Service Mapping

Map the relationships between IT components and business services in dynamic environments.

Certificate Management.png

Agent Client Collector

Adopt and extend community monitoring checks to develop events and metrics.

Cloud governance.png

Cloud Governance

Get comprehensive management and control of cloud compliance and oversight.

How we do it


We are educators first and foremost. Whether it’s through Demo’s, Proof of Concepts or allowing you and your team to play with our IT Operations Management solutions within our Neoteric Lab’s, we want to ensure we leave no stone unturned.


Our dedicated teams partner with you to develop end-to-end technology strategies and roadmaps that focus on your business needs and tie them to the outcome of your IT Operations Management journey.


Through creativity, innovation and expertise in IT Operations Management within the ServiceNow platform, we will design and configure a fully tailored solution that will scale long-term.


With our development and delivery teams, our solutions are implemented correctly the first time. Our solutions are geared towards being maintainable and easily managed by your teams after go-live. 

Our Trusted Partner

We partner with elite global technology leaders in cloud, cyber, and software development. Our strategic partners appreciate Neoteric’s record of excellence and mission to provide game changing outcomes to our customers.


We greatly value our partnerships – and we look forward to continuing to grow our strategic partner portfolio with best-in-class technology leaders.

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