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Acceleration to seeing and believing the art of possible.


It isn’t uncommon for organizations to have a shortage of physical resources & experts in their test labs. Restricted CAPEX & OPEX funding can hamper most labs from keeping pace with innovation and modernization efforts. All of these factors, to include process and departmental impediments, can decelerate innovation, even sometimes to a screeching halt.  


So what’s the good news? Neoteric has created a consumable multi-vendor Lab Services offering that helps Federal customers evaluatearchitecttest, and validate technology solutions to accelerate your concepts to real outcomes.


Innovate instead of speculate!  

Satisfaction Guarantee

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We offer a wide range of product demos, multi-vendor comparisons, and proven use cases from other customer ideas and requirements. Evaluation times are typically cut into days/weeks vs. months. Accelerate your first mile in your innovation journey.  


Our Lab Services experts have the experience to quickly build out multi-vendor solutions that can reflect unique architecture designs. From this, our customers gain valuable insight and, if needed, can pivot early in the innovation process. 


From software patches, API integrations, and refreshing hardware stacks, functional testing can be burdensome and lengthy. Our proven testing framework can help you decide whether you want or need to explore more thoroughly through a proof of concept. 


The ultimate confidence is knowing what has been designed and tested will work within your production environment. Our validation services are built around a representation of your infrastructure and configurations. Innovation comes to life! 


The Neoteric Lab Services team will help you transform your innovation strategy into accelerated mission outcomes.