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Global Banking
Past Performance Review

This national banking company was working with an outdated tool for IT Service Mapping and had a very limited view of the entire IT infrastructure necessary to understand the different components of the systems and how they could function cohesively. Unifying technologies across the organization using a more robust and integrated IT Operations Management solution was imperative.

Neoteric delivered a robust and intuitive IT Operations Management (ITOM) Service Mapping Solution that improved visibility into the entire IT infrastructure, enhanced risk management, provided a more efficient service delivery, and better aligned with their business objectives.



Siloed Teams

This results in duplicating work or performing redundant tasks, which can be inefficient and costly

Unknown Infrastructure.png

Unknown Infrastructure

Missed opportunities for process improvement or innovation


Inconsistent Service Delivery 

Due to siloed teams, the organization faced difficulties maintaining consistent service levels

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To create an end-to-end solution that enabled the company to gain visibility into their global infrastructure. The need to fully understand the impact and urgency of issues within their organization and act through automatic incident creation and routing. Additionally, reduce overall noise from multiple monitoring tools and focus on resolving critical issues faster.

Key Features Needed 

Discovery on internal infrastructure

poor alignment.png

Service Mapping

End-to-End picture of all configurations of CI's within infrastructure

The Neoteric Solution

Neoteric successfully implemented a CMDB solution with ServiceNow ITOM Discovery and Service Mapping. This allowed the organization to gain visibility into and tie together their service delivery processes. In addition to automating a customized change management solution, the deployment provided a better understanding of system dependencies, potential points of failure, and a drastically improved IT infrastrucure that better aligned with their business objectives.



Cloud Services & Products Delivered:

  • ITOM Service Mapping

  • ITOM Discovery

Key Outcomes:

  • Complete list of CI's withing the business unit

  • Tag-based Discovery of Service Mapping CMDB population

  • Enhanced Risk Management

  • Improved communication between teams

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