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Box Delivery

Global Retail Company
Past Performance Review

Neoteric succesfully integrated three external data sources in order to import network devices into the CMDB, completing this initiative within 90 day. This allowed the compnay to gain visibility into their global corporate networking infrastructure. Neoteric also skillfully integrated event monitoring tools that enabled the use of health metrics within Amazon's global corporate network. The proficient deployment included the creation of several dashboards for executive and service desk staff that enabled them to quickly determine problem areas and respond more quickly and efficiently.

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The Vision 

To create an end-to-end solution that enabled the retail company to gain visibility into their global infrastructure. The need to fully understand the impact and urgency of issues within their organization and act through automatic incident creation and routing. Additionally, reduce overall noise from multiple monitoring tools and focus on resolving critical issues faster.

Delivered Services


Enterprise Incident Management, Discovery, and Event Management


Lead Multiple integrations with home grown tools

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Builts the enterprise CMDB in 90 days

Mission Successes

  • ServiceNow ITOM and CMDB global implementation within 90 days

  • Increased infrastructure visibility by 100%

  • Significantly improved MTTR across their global service desk

  • Improved RCA time

  • CMDB that enables end-to-end digital workflows

  • Automated alert execution with data integration

  • Seamless interoperability and consolidated global dashboard

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