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Asset Management offers prescriptive workflows to help you find a
second life for your aging assets.

The Challenge


Process Inefficiencies


Lack of Cost Visibility


Reactionary Fire Drills

  • Disconnected Tools

  • Siloed Teams

  • Limited or no usage visibility

  • Shadow IT, app and cloud sprawl

  • Low/no audit defense

  • Unbudgeted, surprise costs

The Neoteric Approach

One Solution, One Platform, One Team of Experts

Reduce costs and risks through the practice of managing, automating, and optimizing the lifecycle for technology and physical business assets.

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Asset Management.png

With years of combined experience across both Private and Public Sector organizations, Neoteric understands the essential role that effectively managing all assets across the enterprise plays for an organization. Traditional IT assets and non-IT assets not only keep the lights on but ensure consistent operations and the ability to execute on desired business and mission outcomes. Along with these outcomes comes complex maintenance contracts, adherence to compliance requirements, audits, and optimizing usage to cut and manage expenses.


Neoteric can help navigate these challenges by leveraging our trusted partnership with ServiceNow and the power of the Now Platform. Our mission is to collaborate closely with our customers to configure solutions through the ServiceNow platform that ultimately benefits the business and ensures operational consistency. As we work together, we will become students of your business and strive to develop custom proof of concepts through our lab environments that demonstrate what is possible when governing your critical business and IT assets on a single platform.


Already a ServiceNow customer? The Asset Management family of products prove to be a better together story with the other world class ServiceNow products such as ITSM, Field Service Management, Procurement, Contract Management, and Service Catalog.

Our Trusted Partner

We partner with elite global technology leaders in cloud, cyber, and software development. Our strategic partners appreciate Neoteric’s record of excellence and mission to provide game changing outcomes to our customers.


We greatly value our partnerships – and we look forward to continuing to grow our strategic partner portfolio with best-in-class technology leaders.

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